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TUESDAY, 21 MAY 2013

Be IN - metal embellishments

Glossy metal elements are IN! Is gold your favourite colour? Or maybe you prefer silver? Choose one and shine!

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FRIDAY, 11 MAY 2012

Hot news: Anja Rubik without underwear!

Polish high fashion model appeared on the 2012 Met Costume Gala in New York wearing a dress, high heels and no underwear!

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MONDAY, 16 AUG 2010

Few tips how to match tights and shoes

Flats are universal, high heels - elegant. How to match them with tights in order to get a sophisticated effect?

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FRIDAY, 07 JAN 2011

We extend legs to the maximum in the style of Kristen Stewart

This girl's figure has many virtues. However, she keeps accentuating only one...

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MONDAY, 17 OCT 2011

Bronx Reno boots, as worn by Jennifer Aniston

Made famous by Jennifer Aniston, the Bronx Reno are an absolute must for winter and beyond!

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TUESDAY, 23 OCT 2012

Summer's 2013 Best Colour: Yellow!

Do you believe Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen could be wrong?

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Mila Kunis Best Shoes in ''Friends with Benefits''!

All (absolutely all) the shoes which Mila Kunis was wearing in "Friends with Benefits" are on top of this season's MUST HAVE list.

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FRIDAY, 22 JUN 2012

Another red carpet star with no underwear?

A recipe for getting a lot of media coverage? Just get undress...

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FRIDAY, 22 JUN 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo as Pepe Jeans face

Do you remember a campaign which has spurred interesst in football among the female watchers?

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SUNDAY, 31 OCT 2010

World's weirdest shoes

Kobi Levi Shoes, are only good for a present or to be talked about. I guess that no one would wear them...

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Funky heels

Most women wouldn't wear them for occasion other than fancy dress ball

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MONDAY, 31 JAN 2011

Megan Fox and her idea for wedges

Very attractive combination of shorts and knee socks. Not only with skinny legs!

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Booties like the openwork corselette

Everybody seemed to forget about this lady. I will break the silence and talk about her sexy booties.

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