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Grey is over, it's time for colour!


TUESDAY, 16 APR. 2013, 20:50

Section:Product of the week

Let your wardrobe flourish with our this week's picks.
If you like colourful clothes, accessories and neon looks, but you have not enough courage to step out of your comfort white-grey-beige zone and be one of the girls that you admire in the streets, don't worry. We know how it feels like. Sometimes you just need to make a change and a new haircut is not always seems to be the best idea, but why not to start with your wardrobe? Don't throw all of your black clothes out and start wearing pink! That's not what we mean, we just want to encourage you to begin with little changes. First and foremost – shoes. This week we've prepared 3 styles by well-known brand Blink: stylish booties with concealed platform, lovely wedges and classic ballerinas. They stand not only for high quality and comfort, but also for a wide range of colours. You can choose from yellow, orange, pink, red, green, violet, blue or beige. What's more, you can have these in pastel or vivid shades, depending on what suits you more.

For those of you, who can't even imagine a day without adding some extra inches, we have Blink Liza lace-up booties. Berry ones are our favorites. Combined with black, white or navy will definitely pump your look up. Blink Samina are meant for all classic and minimalist looks, while Blink Nicolet are perfect for comfort lovers. Pay attention to blue, violet and green – the most fashionable colours.

In order to get the best price just enter the discount code: ColorsU at the checkout. Rules are simple:

Promo period: 17.04-23.04.2013
Discount code: ColorsU

Check out this week's picks:

This week only Blink Nicolet 600938 for just £23 instead of regular £28 .
ballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas Blink ballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas Blinkballerinas BlinkBallerinas BlinkBallerinas BlinkBallerinas Blink

Blink Samina 701288 wedges for only £27instead of £46 .
pumps Blinkpumps Blinkwedges Blinkwedges Blinkwedges Blinkpumps Blinkwedges Blinkwedges Blink

You can't miss out on comfy and stylish Blink Liza 300688 for just £29 instead of regular £55.
booties Blinkbooties Blinkbooties Blinkbooties Blinkbooties Blinkbooties Blink booties Blinkbooties Blinkbooties Blinkwedges Blink

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