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Lana Del Rey for Versace?

TUESDAY, 06 NOV. 2012, 13:50

Author: Laura


In fact, these news aren't yet confirmed by the singer's spokesman, but there are some reasons to take it seriously.
Do you have Twitter? Do you use it? I don't, but in the US it's extra common. I can't fight the impression that people communicaten through it more often than in their real lives. No wonder one can find all the hottest news on Twitter, like the one about Lana del Rey's new contract. Here's what you can read at @LanaDelReyWorld: NEWS: After being the face of H&M and Jaguar, @LanaDelRey is now officially the face of the clothes label, #Versace. Photos will follow!

We're waiting for the first pics impatiently. As much as I wasn't impressed by her H&M campaign, I'm thrilled to see the results of her cooperation with Donatella! Stay tuned!
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