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ICHI Product Pick of the Week for just £17

TUESDAY, 08 JAN. 2013, 21:30

Author: Jo

Section:Product of the week

New Year is a chance for a new start, and what better way to face it than with a brand-new look?
The New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make. Among others there should also be a desire to change up or update your fashion style. As always, we believe in making things happen and so we give you the opportunity to do so with fabulous ICHI items and most importantly, without breaking the bank! Don't stay behind with the latest trends! Get the look now.

Shop at Butyk and and get fashionable clothes for less. Use the discount code ICHIU and get the discount automatically when you check out.

Rules are simple:

Promo Period: from Jan 9 till Jan 15, 2013
Discount Code: ICHIU

Check out this week's deals:

ICHI Trile leather jacket for just £99 instead of a regular £164.
blazer ICHI
blazer ICHI
black, 164 GBP

ICHI Pablu knit blazer for just £43 instead of a regular £54.
blazer ICHI
blazer ICHI
black, 54 GBP

ICHI Erwu bottle green skirt for just £25 instead of a regular £35.
skirt ICHI
skirt ICHI
june bug, 35 GBP

ICHI June neon colour blouse for just £17 instead of a regular £24.
top ICHI
top ICHI
neon, 34 GBP

ICHI Soki double breasted coat for just £45 instead of a regular £95.
coat ICHI
coat ICHI
black, 95 GBP

Leather sleeve jacket ICHI Venus for just £43 instead of a regular £99.
jacket ICHI
jacket ICHI
black, 99 GBP

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