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WEDNESDAY, 19 SEP. 2012, 08:54

Author: Laura

Section:Inspired by the stars

From a sweet girl known as Hannah Montana to a strong woman, like Madonna. Miley Cyrus - do you still recognize her?
A teen's idol Miley Cyrus has changed her hair. No. She has changed all her style. This is not the same charming schoolgirl from an American primary school singing about friendship and child dreams. Now, it's a rebellious teenage and more precisely a twenty-year-old girl. Do you like her new look?

Each girl, even the one sweet like Miley a.k.a Hannah Montana will sooner or later give in to a hormone storm. But why imitate Madonna?

I'm sure you'll agree, that a rebellion expressed by a look, hair style and make-up should bear features of an individualism. If you are going to express yourself you'd better do it your own way!
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