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Baby Hjölster For the Real Men!

FRIDAY, 14 SEP. 2012, 10:58

Author: Laura


If real men read this blog... (or maybe their wives?), here's a shopping alert for them: it's now possible to buy a very manly Baby Hjölster!
Yes, cowboys also have children. And at the beginning of their journey, children are usually small and need more care, so it's best to keep an eye on them. But how to reconcile a bottle, nappies and all the parent duties with a real man's ego? There's only one answer to it, and the answer is: Baby Hjölster!

But seriously, on the Internet you can find a great blog by two fathers who describe their parental stories with a huge dose of humour. I recommand it not only to mums and dads:

In one of the newest posts the daddies present a Baby Bjorn's parody - Baby Hjölster:

I'm sure every cowboy dreams of this Baby Bjorn:) But concluding from a baby's face that's less fun for it than for it's dad.

Dirty Harry's under the arm version is coming soon...
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