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What's new from Prada?

SATURDAY, 06 MAR. 2010, 09:45

Author: Jennifer

Section:From catwalk

In all the variety of different opinions and trends, one needs a clear mind in order to see what women really want and need.
Prada took it to heart while designing a Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection. It was visible at first glance, that Muccia Prada's collection aims at satisfying women's needs.

As it's been announced earlier, the collection embraced everything Prada is famous of. Moreover, fashion show revealed cashmere's universality. On the one hand as a material for dresses and skirts in vintage style, on the other hand for coats and smart jackets with great collars. We could also admire leather A-line skirts and cardigans fastened with straps.

What we liked most, were the patent leather pumps with pointed toes and extreme heels. Nearly every pair of pumps was matched with odd, over knee woollen socks.

Feel free to watch the video, but be aware of the scratchy noises that accompany it:

Most women find this collection very feminine and classy. On the web you can find very positive feedback from fashion magazines' editors and fashionistas. Still, the question is if Muccia Prada will be able to convince more women to her minimal fashion and eclectic socks? Very likely, after all, her impact on the world of fashion is huge.
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